Designer Bra Straps

The trend of showing a bra strap might be considered kind of cool by some people, but most women can't stand the look of an exposed bra strap. It simply ruins a really pretty outfit. With Ooh La Bra! bra straps, you simply take off the bra straps that came with your convertible or strapless bra, and replace them with these! Most people won't even know you are wearing bra straps because they look like jewelry on your shoulders.  The added benefit is when you are wearing a strapless bra, you can stop constantly tugging at it to keep it lifted in place. Ooh La Bra! straps are beautiful, comfortable and practical, with over 65 styles!  You can also create custom straps for dance troupes, uniforms, costumes, etc.  All straps are made from hypoallergenic nickel free silver jewelry.  Strap total length: 17.7" (including 4" adjuster chain).  Elegant jewelry box included with purchase.   (Jewelry box makes a beautiful gift presentation, but should also be used for storing the straps in between uses to prevent tangling).  Product will ship directly from manufacturer.